Wallet Password Recovery

Shit, what the fuck is the password? 

We’ve been there! The realization that we didn’t have access to our bitcoin wallet made us sweaty to say the least. We searched for help but didn’t trust the faceless services we came across. So we invested in the development of a special software to recover bitcoin wallet passwords and paired this with a powerful GPU server with the capacity to test millions of passwords a minute. Since then we’ve put a lot of effort into streamlining our processes making it safe and easy for our customers!

Recover my crypto wallet

your data will be safe

We are working on a need-to-know basis. All communication go through encryped channels. You have the possibility to be anonymous, our  customers privacy is a top priority, just as it should be in world of crypto.

Extract your data

Deleted your wallet and forgot your password? We can help you to extract your lost wallet from a crached hard drive and recover deleted wallet files and passwords.

Daily progress reports

You will never be in the dark, continuous process updates will be sent from our automatic report system, wallet recovery, password mining or file restoration, you can count on us keeping you in the loop.

What does the process look like?

To be able to start the recovery process, we will need to extract your password encryption key from your wallet files, either you do this yourself or we will do it for you. We will also gather information you have about the password, maybe you can remember a part of the password, or how many characters? If you don’t remember any details, there is still the option to brute force it, this takes more time, but is totally possible. When we have this information our job starts with setting up the algorithms and rules in the computer rig or on the Amazon EC2 to get the process going. Then comes the hardest part for all of us, to wait. Depending on how much information you were able to give us the process of reclaiming your password can take beteween a couple of days up to a couple of months.  

How does a wallet password recovery work?

My password is strong, my password is encryped and impossible to crack, you might think. Though that is the case for a normal PC or macbook, that is not the case for the equippment we are using. Explained easily you can imagine that we are using a computer with the power and capacity a hundred times your home PC. WIth this we are using a multithreaded high-throughput software that we manually feed with the information the customer can give about the password, for example she might know it’s 8 characters long and an english word. Then starts the real magic. For the interested one, we would love to tell you more about our equipment and technique. If you want to get nerdy with us and read an in depth technical decripcion, click below.

The process step by step

Recovering your bitcoin wallet password is not the maze of dead ends as you might have worried it would be. It’s as easy as these steps we are presenting for you here. Take a look at this overview of the password recovering process, and hey, if you still have unanswered questions or doubts, don’t hesitate to contact us! 

Get In Touch

The first step is for us to get in touch either through email, chat, call or a meeting, whatever you prefer. For your security, we are offering encrypted ways of contacting us. Together we will talk about how we can help you.


sign legal document

The next step for us is to sign a legal document. This is to say that you can hold us responsible if you see activity on your wallet address that you did not authorize. We will also agree on the payment and possible time limit for our recovery attempts.

Starting the recovery

Then comes the job for us to program the computer in line with the information you have given us to start the recovery process. In agreement with you we will decide how often you will recieve the automatic progress updates, each day, week, or month. 


When the computer have reached success in recovering your wallet password you will know instantly through the automatic report system. And in short you will have access to your recovered crypto funds again and can make transferes.  


The first rule is, if we don’t succeed in recovering your wallet password, we don’t get paid. The cost for a crypto wallet recovery is always 20% of the value of the crypto currency and is normally paid out of the recovered wallet. 

We won’t let you leave empty handed

You might want to know what will happen if we don’t succeed with unlocking your bitcoin wallet. It could be that the lack of information about the password in combination with a highly encrypted wallet file and a scrambled, long password, makes us decide that we can’t recover it. At least not now.

Our goal is for our customers to recover their bitcoin, and to always be transparent in how we are working. So transparent, that if we do not succeed in recovering your password, we will send you a full report about which techniques and password lists that were used. This report will be helpful if you try your luck with another recovery service, or if decide to give it another try a couple of years later.

The recovery techniques are always moving forward, today we are recovering passwords that only a few years ago would have been nearly impossible to crack. The same goes for the nearly-impossible passwords of today, in a few years that might not be the case. We are constantly improving and finetuning our techniques, and keep an eye out for updates so that we develop with the forensic software.  


The nerdy part

Let’s get into the technical details of how it works when we recover your wallet password. We built our first password cracking rig out of our mining hardware. One of the most used solutions we are working with today are Amazon Elastic Compute Clouds. In some cases we are also using our local hardware in form of a multi GPU motherboard containing 8x Geforce 1080ti graphic boards. We also just started to experiment with a local cluster containing a large number of CPU cores for encryption keys where the password recovery is more efficient on these types of circuits.


Get to know us

Get to know us, the Swedish Keybusters, go to “About” and read more.

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