Below we have collected some of the most common questions that we get. We have seen many different scenarios and even though every case is individual, there’s a lot to learn by the person who came before you. Check these questions and responses out, you might find a scenario that describes your situation.  


Which types of wallets do you work with?

We are working with most kinds of wallets, such as Jaxx, Multibit, Exodus, TrezorCoinbase, BRD, and Electrum. If you are not using one of these wallets, it is still probable that we can help you, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask. 

Might it be that it's impossible to crack my password?

Well, it’s never impossible, but it might take a very long time. The most challenging scenario is a long password of scrambled letters, digits and special characters and a customer who stand without a clues. It’s a joint decision for how long time we should do the recovering attempts, but it costs you nothing to let us keep trying, and regaining access to your crypto is never a bad surprise. 


How come you are able to offer your services much cheaper than your competitors?

We are a young and eager company, and we want to offer our services to people who are in the same situation as we have been. As the techniques of recovering lost bitcoin passwords is evolving, it will get easier and take shorter time to reach result. But for us to develop and better our services, we need a constant and big flow of customers. We charge 20% if, and only if, we succeed to recover your password, while our competitors charge between 15%-20%. 


When do you decide to give up attempts to recover a bitcoin wallet password?

Don’t worry, we will try, try and keep on trying to recover your password, we are not quitters and we will help you to the best of our ability and knowledge. Even when we are brute forcing a password which can take months, we follow a schedule of  reassessing how we are doing and which changes we can feed the software to up our chances of success. 


I lost my bitcoin wallet files, can you help me?

Sure thing! If this is a problem you are having, reach out to us. We are very good at extracting and searching for information. You need to have access to the computer harddrive where the files are/have been. This is a job we might be able to do remotely, or you need to send the harddrive/computer to us, or if you are in the Panama area, we can always meet up. 


I'm nervous about giving you my bitcoin wallet files, How can I trust you with this information?

Our goal is to become one of the best, most trustworty and effective recovery services out there. One big cornerstone for us being able to reach this high set goal is to build trust between us and our customers. Many of our competitors offer a faceless service, we on the other hand would love to get to know you as a customer and offer you a personalized service. We invite you to meet us in person if you have the possibility, or to have a video call to get to know us. Also, all of our customers sign a legal document saying that if there are any unauthorized movements of your crypto curreny, you can hold us responsible. 


I though i knew my wallet password, but it doesn't work?

One of the most common problems for customers trying to access their crypto wallets it typos. You are missing something, maybe one character is a capital letter, or you are writing one digit wrong. If you after some trial and error still can’t get in, get in contact with us, the good thing with you being semi-sure about your password is that when we start the recovery attempts, we have a lot of information from you to work with and the chances for a quick and painfree recovery is good. 


Which softwares are you using to recover the crypto currency passwords?

You can read a more detailed description in the section “The Nerdy Part”. 


I have a mobile wallet, can you still help me?

Yes, we can still help you even if your wallet is mobile-based. Get in touch and let’s talk about the next step!  

Still Have Questions? Get In Touch!

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